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Breaking the Chains Foundation celebrates the inner beauty and self-love in every person affected by eating disorders, by unmasking the stigma and enriching public perception.  Breaking the Chains Foundation in itself an artistic foundation that produces movies, short films, documentaries, music videos, books, CDs, social media campaigns as well as other additional promotional material that promotes and supports changing the face of eating disorders. 

Breaking the Chains Foundation will offer outreach programs, special events with various celebrities, and an online forum to which individuals can contribute positive self-expression.  Collectively, creative genres like film, painting, poetry, music, and dance will inspire the global community to use the forum as an outlet for the darkness that lies dormant.  We will champion the rediscovery of self-love and respect, healing with a community that truly understands. 

Eating disorders wear many masks, and the public perception of what eating disorders are and those who are affected is very misunderstood.   From an artistic landscape of creative knowledge sharing on the emotions, trials, and valleys of eating disorders, we hope that the masks are shattered and broken; and through art and self-expression, the true journey of those affected will be seen, heard, and understood.

Due to scores of requests and suggestions from avid supporters, Breaking The Chains Foundation will create not only a body of knowledge and understanding, but as a nonprofit charity organization that will serve as a global sanctuary for persons affected by eating disorders, their families, and loved ones. 


Jillian Rose Reed - Celebrity Spokesperson


“Breaking the Chains Foundation’s goal is to continue to work with artists and art based communities to encourage them and bring forth awareness about eating disorders. We stand as an artistic motivator to ignite a fire in a whole new light. In order to change the face and conversation of eating disorders, we will inspire an entire new matrix.”